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OrCAD PCB Editor

"OrCAD PCB Editor Suites е PCBPCB 赵Դϴ."

1. OrCAD PCB Editor 

OrCAD PCB Editor OrCAD Series Capture, SPECCTRA, PSpice A/D Ϻ Cadence Allgro PCB Editorκ ̾ PCB Design Quality ũ ⿩ Դϴ.


>> Benefits

- Unlimited layer support

- GUI- color192 engine

- Ʈũ

- 0.001 ǰȸ

- ǽð Design Rules Check



- OrCAD Signal Explorer

- ODB++

- Place/Routing Rules

- Constraint Manager (Space, Width)

- ġ (Room, Quick place, Manual place)

- (Shove, Hug, Smooth, Miter/Un-miter)

- Dynamic Shape ̿, Copper /ȯ

- Automatic and interactive package

- gate, and pin swapping

- Automatic dimensioning

- Interfaces for DXF and IDF

- Support for split planes

- Gerber 274-D& 274-X

- Automatic dimensioning

- Interfaces for DXF and IDF

- PADS, P-CAD netlist import

- Layout[*.max] import

- Quick Report

- ߽ ȯ

>> Features

Automatic and Interactive routing

Floorplaning ü带 Room̶ Ҹ ȿ , Ư Room ǰ Ǵ ȸ Rule ν ϰ ִ Ʈ մϴ. Quickplace ̿Ͽ ǰ ġ ׸, ̸ ǰ Ǵ ȸ Design Reuse ȿ մϴ. ǽð 輱 , 輱 ϸ, Shove- / Hug- Push / Shove 輱 Ͽ ϰ մϴ. Dynamic DRC route cleanup Ͽ 輱ȭ 輱 ȿ ֽϴ.

Constraint Driven

ϰ ٷο PCB踦 ϴ DRC ǽð üũ İ ü üũմϴ. Physical Spacing DRC Set ̸ Layer, net Ͽ Ϻ DRC ϰ մϴ. Set ۾ ImportϿ ̷ ݴϴ.

Manufacturing and Fabrication Outputs

OrCAD PCB Editor ܰ迡 Post process ʿ RS-274X ǥ Gerber Format NC Drill Date پ OrCAD Format Ͽ PCB ȯ濡 ֽϴ. ODB++ data format Ͽ, Gerber File ʴ ȯ濡 ŷڼ ִ ǰ Data  ֽϴ.

GUI- color192 engine

PCB Editor ȭ鿡 µǴ Rat, DRC ũ Class/Subclass ڰ ֽϴ.


ڰ 콺 ԷϿ ɸ ϰ, PCB Editor 콺 ־ ۾ Ǹ մϴ.


SPECCTRA ְ ڵ 輱 ν PCB 迡 ϰ 輱 ڵ 輱 ϴ ֽϴ. PCB Editor Constraint Manager Ǿ PCB ǿ ݿϿ ۾ մϴ.

OrCAD Signal Explorer

PCB singnal integrity(SI) ؼϴ ν 輱 / ˻縦 輱 ȣ Ư ؼ ֽϴ. PCB Editor Constraint manager Ǿ PCB Ǵ Ϸ SigXplorer Topology · ٷ Ͽ ùķ̼ ݿ մϴ.


پ Shape ׸ų ׷ Shape , մϴ. Plane Ͽ PCB Ư ° Shape ۾ ֽϴ.

ܺ մϴ.
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